Song of Himeji Oden

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Let’s go! Oden Ranger!
show you!show me!
Himeji Oden song
Himeji Rock’n Roll
Syu-mai wants to be eaten
Lyrics:zenjiro Composer:Masao Taneura  Arrange:Hiroaki Matsuoka

This song was written by zenjiro and Masao Taneura, who were both born in and love Himeji, in order to promote Himeji City.

This song is offered royalty free by zenjiro and Masao.
But they still retain full copyrights for the song.

Zenjiro said “I want everyone to download and listen to this song. Please get pumped up about Himeji when you listen to this song, and help us tell everyone about Himeji!”

■Himeji Food Culture Association
 President: Shinichiro Honda
 Vice President: Yuji Maekawa

■Himeji Oden Promotion Commission
 Syuro Horita

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